Southeastern School of Auctioneering, LLC


The Southeastern School of Auctioneering, LLC is an excellent auction school providing skills needed not only to become a licensed auctioneer, but to share with you knowledge to build your own auction business.  

Whether you are interested in real estate or personal property auctions, online auctions, benefit and fundraising auctions, or general auctions, you will be able to work with instructors from a wide variety of auctioneering areas who have years of invaluable knowledge and experience in the auction business.

Perfecting your chant, visiting live auctions in the area, calling bids at a live student auction are all a part of the Southeastern School of Acutioneering’s goal to provide you the best experience in the auction profession.

Check the dates for our next school or call (803.903.3160)/ email for information.


Next Class

February 2-9
(January 31 - February 9 for GA Students)

Classes run eight* (8) consecutive days from 8 am - 9 pm.

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